Active Start Gymnastics

Gelico Gymnastics Club provides excellent classes for energetic children to develop essential physical abilities that will set them up for an active lifestyle!

Gelico Gymnastics has our youngest participants follow are own Gelico Program for ages 5 and under. The program content is developed using Gymnastics Canada’s Active Start Program.

What is Active Start?  The objective of the Active Start Program is to inspire a love of physical activity.  This program is the first step to teaching children to become physically literate, and to lead athletic, healthy lifestyles.  Part of this program and teaching methods are to incorporate use of imagination, creative play and props geared toward preschool aged children.  Coaches are taught to use teaching methods that preschool aged children can relate to in order to foster a love of being active and exploring what their bodies are capable of in a safe, fun and challenging environment.


Parent & Tot and Preschool Program

Parent & Tot Age 2/3

This parent assisted class is structured to teach your little ones how to follow simple circuits and interact with other children in a sport setting. This is an excellent class for energetic toddlers to get an early start on an active lifestyle and development of physical literacy.
Length: 30 min/Once per week

Preschool Age 3-4

This class is for 3  and 4 year olds who are ready to explore gymnastics on their own! Your child will have fun learning the basic fundamental skills on all apparatus; vault, floor, bars, beam. This class promotes the development of physical abilities, self-confidence, listening skills and socialization in a sport setting.
Length: 30 min/once per week

Preschool Advanced & Preschool Ages 4-5

This is class is for 4 and 5 year olds who are eager and ready to learn gymnastics!  Focus for this class is on fun and developing skills necessary to move forward into the Recreational Can Gym Program. A greater emphasis will be placed on correct technique, strength, balance and self-confidence. Classes include a warm up activity, circuits on floor, bars, beam and vault.
Length: 30-45 min/once per week


Lil Boltz (pre-competitive)

This group is by invitation only. The gymnasts are evaluated throughout their Preschool or Preschool Advanced classes and are recommended by the coach at the end of the session for the following season. It is mandatory that they have taken at least one preschool or preschool advanced class. The group is made up of gymnasts who show strong physical attributes, listening skills, eagerness to learn and can follow instructions. This program focusses on challenging young gymnasts to learn new skills, increase strength and flexibility. Our main goal in this class is prepare and transition the gymnasts into the JO program once they are 6 years old.

Ages: 4-5
Length: 1 hour/once per week

CanGym Program

Gelico Gymnastics Club follows Gymnastics Canada’s CANGYM Program. The CANGYM Program is a skill development and evaluation program for Artistic Gymnastics. This program is used as a way to monitor progress and motivate gymnasts.

Gelico Gymnastics Club strives to offer fun, challenging classes modified to meet individual needs within the CanGymProgram while following Gymnastics Canada’s Recreational Philosophy, “FUN, FITNESS, FUNDAMENTALS”

Please note that children are placed in classes based on their age. At the end of each session (with the exception of the spring and summer session) each child will receive a report card clearly indicating which skills they have been learning/attempted or mastered in the class.

CanGym 1

Your child will learn gymnastics fundamentals and gain physical fitness through circuits and stations on the wide variety of equipment available at Gelico Gymnastics. This class is recommended for gymnasts with little to no experience, or for those graduating from the Pre-school Program.  This class is for ages 6-10, classes will be separated according to age.

Ages: 6-10
Badges: Working towards Burgundy and Red Badge Levels
Length: 1.25 hour a class/once per week

CanGym 2

Gymnasts will begin to be introduced to more complex skills and increase strength and flexibility. This class is recommended for gymnasts who have passed Burgundy and Red Badges.  This class is for ages 6-11.  This class is recommended for gymnasts who have achieved their Burgundy and Red Badges.

Ages: 6-10 but must have Burgundy & Red Badges
Badges: Working towards Tan, Bronze and Purple Badge levels
Length: 1.50 hours a class/once per week

CanGym 3

This class is designed for gymnasts who are wanting to master more complex skills within the Can Gym program badges Blue, Turquoise, silver & orange.  There is a focus on building and expanding skills, strength and flexibility for the more experienced gymnasts. This class is recommended for gymnasts who have achieved badge purple.

Ages: Ages 7+ but must have Tan, Bronze and Purple
Badges: Blue, Turquoise & Silver and Orange
Length: 1.50 hours a class/once per week 

Teen Program

Teen Girls Classes

This is an great opportunity for any girls who have outgrown Gelico Gymnastics’s awesome programming for any athletes in other sports looking for cross training, or for absolute beginners looking to try gymnastics for the first time. Each class starts with a warm-up and strength based conditioning activity, then covers skills on the bars, beam, floor and a organized cool down activity.

Age: 12-17
Length: 1.50 hours/once per week