Gymnasts are placed into groups with other children of the same age, skill level, practicing habits and attendance. If the coach and head coach feel that a gymnast isn’t progressing fast enough, or could progress faster they will be moved to the appropriate group at the head coach’s discretion. All gymnasts learn, grow and mature at different rates, and it will have a direct impact on their development. Parents are encouraged not to compare their child to other gymnasts but rather, to focus on their child’s own personal goals and accomplishments.

Children will be assessed & evaluated during their session/season & at the end of the session/season.  Preschool children receive a certificate, Recreational Children receive a report card with their accomplished skills and their recommended class to register in for the next session or season. Our coaches also “scout” our recreational athletes for potential competitive athletes.  If you would like to discuss the future placement of your child in our competitive programs, you are welcome to email us at & we are happy to respond and discuss.